Workshop "Somatic Archaeology™: Addressing Transgenerational Trauma through Body Memory" with Ruby Gibson, Bucureşti, 10-11 mai 2011

La 16:42
Orar: 10 mai : 8,30 - 17,30; 11 mai: 9,00 - 17,30

Cost: 150 euro

Pentru inscrieri si detalii despre plata, trimiteti un mail la adresa Inscrierea devine valida unui avans de 70 euro, pana in data de 3 aprilie. Daca efectuati plata avansului, prin transfer bancar, va rog sa luati in calcul faptul ca pe 2 si 3 aprilie este weekend.

Se asigura traducere din limba engleza in limba romana.

Numar maxim de locuri : 30 . Locurile se ocupa in ordinea inscrierilor.

Abstract: Transgenerational trauma and historical amnesia may be at the root of many personal issues, but they also provide the gateway to access these patterns and reconcile familial and cultural dynamics. Somatic Archaeology™ utilizes conscious remembering to enhance therapeutic outcomes through consensus of neurobiology, transformational psychology, guided imagery, focused breathwork, earth-centered alchemy, kincentric ecology and the ancient Medicine Wheel. In this experiential workshop, you will learn to weave the Five Steps of Somatic Archaeology into your therapeutic practice to assist clients to reconcile inherited familial and cultural patterns of abuse, addiction, disease or despair; transgenerational backgrounds of war trauma, genocide, immigration and removal from homelands; and lightening the load for their children and future generations.

Teaching Objectives

1. Identify cause and effect of our Life Story

2. Apply the alchemy of the ancient medicine wheel as a diagnostic tool and healing model3. Develop attunement skills for trauma first aide, somatic tracking, instinctual resourcing, memory integration, and empowered healing

Ruby Gibson Bio

Ruby Gibson, ThM, LMT, lives in the mountains of Colorado where she co-founded Freedom Lodge non-profit group. Ruby has a Masters Degree in Theology with a Special Emphasis in Transformational Psychology. She is a gifted empath, healer, international educator, aromatherapist and Certified Somatic Therapist specializing in transgenerational reconciliation of trauma and suffering. The author of My Body, My Earth, The Practice of Somatic Archaeology, Ruby developed Somatic Archaeology in 1995 and teaches training programs internationally. She is a Brainspotting™ trainer and developer of TransGenerational Brainspotting™.

Ruby writes, "After 30 years of private practice and application/development of these skills, I am very excited about the cross-cultural possibilities of somatic remembering and the need to bring our history "full circle." I feel Somatic Archaeology™ can provide a measure of cure for cultural loss, deep grief, and the backlash of ethnocide. Our ancestors are crying loudly to be heard and it is my honor to provide this healing model to our communities." Ruby passionately brings her unique perspective to her current doctoral research and studies at Holos University. For more information on Ruby's work, please visit

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